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AletaI was born and raised in Southern CA and grew up with artists in my family. I have always been an artist. The first pictures I drew were for my parents. I made cards and artwork for birthdays and holidays as a young child. I majored in art in high school and was an art major in college with emphasis in Graphic Arts. Studying in Europe for 2 months in 1970 then at Riverside City College, Riverside, CA, Citrus Community College, Glendora, CA, and Cal Poly, Pomona.

In 2009, I started a branch of the National Collage Society (based in Ohio): The Southern California Collage Society (SCCS). Nineteen collage and mixed media artists displayed their work at our first Annual Exhibit at the Pomona Valley Art Association's "Prog Space," in 2010. Our 2nd Annual Exhibit had 24 artists displaying at CCAA Museum, Rancho Cucamonga , CA in September 2011. I also curated the 11x11 Artist's Choice Charity Show 2010 at Claremont Community Foundation, Claremont, CA.

Creating art brings me peace and freedom. I let everything go and art flows in collage, watercolor, acrylics, or monotype. I always feel healed, renewed and regenerated by creating art. I am inspired by other artists and their techniques and find all art energizing.

Aleta StudioNature, colors, textures, papers, and shapes activate my creativity. Themes of current events move me to create art that communicates a message of the times. I hope the viewers are drawn into the life of my artwork. My watercolors are like snapshots of experiences that are infused with unique perspective and emotion. My collage work seeks to reinvent images from previous eras, recycling them to create something aesthetically relevant for today.

Watercolor, collage and acrylics are among my favorite mediums to work with. I also enjoy print making, creating original monotypes and block print pieces.

"Create something everyday."


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